Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 3.2ghz 955 Black Edition Quad Core
Main Board: MSI 760GM-E51
Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 6870DD 1Gb pci-e
Memory: G-Skill Ripjaws 10Gb PC3-12800 DDR3
Hard Drive: Western Digital Blue 500Gb SATA SSD


Ethernet card: Realtek P8111DL
Router: NetGear WNDR3400 4 port wired and N band wireless
Connection: Comcast Cable 200Mb DL / 10Mb UL
ADSL Modem: ARRIS TM822 Cable modem
Cableing: Belkin Cat 5 UTP Ethernet

***** NOTICE! *****

Our server has a semi static IP address system so if your looking for our server but can't find it using HLSW or another program like it, then try this:

  1. Open TFC, NS or SC
  2. Click "Find Servers"
  3. Click "Favorites tab"
  4. Click "Change filters"
  5. In the Game box, select game type
  6. Click "add server"
  7. Type: killerz.dns2go.com:27015 for TFC
    Type: killerz.dns2go.com:27016 for NS Aliens
    Type: killerz.dns2go.com:27017 for NS Marines
    Type: killerz.dns2go.com:27030 for SC (Currently offline)
    If steam is installed and running, you can simply click the server address above to connect to your server of choice.
  8. Click "ok"

TheSandbox server of choice should now be listed in your favorites list. After that, any time that our servers IP# changes (does not refresh for some time) then just remove our server from your favorites list and repeat the steps noted above.

***** END NOTICE! *****

TheSandbox NeoTF&Bots is a 12 player (steam) public Team Fortress Classic 1.6 server.
TheSandbox Alien's Rampage is a 20 player (steam) public Natural Selection 3.2 server.
TheSandbox Marine Training Facility is a 20 player (steam) public Natural Selection 3.2 server.
TheSandbox Sven Co-op is a 10 player (steam) public Sven Coop 4.8 server.

The TFC server features: Stripper 2, Statsme 2.8.3, NeoTF v1.9.0 & FoXBots v0.698.

The NS servers both feature: UnStuck Pro, Superlift, Marinebleed, Readyroom Music, Combat Buldings, Extralevels 3, Night/Heat Vision, E-Weld & Parachutes.
(Aliens Only) Commander AI, Resource Spores, Grapple web, SuperLerk, Lerk Spikes & Rcbot 1.441_beta.
(Marines Only) Heavy-Jetpacks, Equip-Store, Med Armory, More Mines, Laser Mines & Whichbot 1.05.

The SC server features: Hookmod 5.0, SCXPM 17.31.3 & Parachutes.