Welcome to the waypoints server for RCBot. Below are a list of waypoints availible for download.

This waypoint file server is run from a 20Mb cable service so try not to download everything at once.

Submit your rcbot waypoints here.


co_TeaBag.rcw3.14 Kb
co_angst.rcw3.33 Kb
co_anubis.rcw1.96 Kb
co_anubis_rc1.rcw1.97 Kb
co_ava_faceoff.rcw2.48 Kb
co_blackmesa.rcw1.94 Kb
co_blackmesa_r5a.rcw2.77 Kb
co_core.rcw4.06 Kb
co_daimos.rcw4.89 Kb
co_drillchuck.rcw5.01 Kb
co_dust.rcw4.65 Kb
co_ether.rcw3.23 Kb
co_faceoff.rcw2.35 Kb
co_freefall_b2b.rcw5.04 Kb
co_kestrel.rcw4.53 Kb
co_level.rcw2.99 Kb
co_medusa.rcw4.50 Kb
co_minas.rcw4.12 Kb
co_minas_0752.rcw3.04 Kb
co_mvm_angst.rcw3.18 Kb
co_mvm_faceoff.rcw2.48 Kb
co_niveus.rcw3.93 Kb
co_phenix.rcw3.54 Kb
co_phobia.rcw2.27 Kb
co_poseidon.rcw3.02 Kb
co_prime.rcw3.10 Kb
co_pulse.rcw2.86 Kb
co_rebirth.rcw4.46 Kb
co_s_marioland_mvm2.rcw2.84 Kb
co_sava.rcw4.50 Kb
co_sechala.rcw2.93 Kb
co_supermario.rcw3.37 Kb
co_ulysses.rcw5.20 Kb
co_umbra.rcw3.95 Kb
co_volcanodrop.rcw2.61 Kb
co_winternights.rcw2.60 Kb
ns_11th_hr121.rcw7.77 Kb
ns_2fort.rcw3.10 Kb
ns_agora.rcw9.51 Kb
ns_altair.rcw13.62 Kb
ns_am.rcw6.81 Kb
ns_atomicmass.rcw4.05 Kb
ns_ayumi.rcw6.12 Kb
ns_bast.rcw19.91 Kb
ns_biosiege_final.rcw5.87 Kb
ns_blackmesa.rcw2.88 Kb
ns_caged.rcw9.65 Kb
ns_canyonwar_v3.rcw2.32 Kb
ns_castle_lg.rcw7.17 Kb
ns_chucksiege006.rcw4.56 Kb
ns_csiege_b7.rcw4.87 Kb
ns_darkcanyon.rcw2.57 Kb
ns_delta.rcw8.91 Kb
ns_dig_siege_b3.rcw3.69 Kb
ns_dig_siege_fnl.rcw4.21 Kb
ns_drill_b11a.rcw7.01 Kb
ns_drill_b12.rcw7.29 Kb
ns_dust.rcw3.53 Kb
ns_eclipse.rcw9.36 Kb
ns_eon.rcw9.84 Kb
ns_g0op_siege_b11.rcw4.12 Kb
ns_geeksiege_v332.rcw4.00 Kb
ns_hephaestus.rcw6.04 Kb
ns_hera.rcw12.46 Kb
ns_herosiege_r1.rcw6.53 Kb
ns_kingofthehillv038.rcw8.18 Kb
ns_lifetime_siege_b4.rcw2.97 Kb
ns_lost.rcw7.98 Kb
ns_lucid.rcw12.50 Kb
ns_machina.rcw14.22 Kb
ns_mazion_r2.rcw8.34 Kb
ns_metal.rcw7.64 Kb
ns_mineshaft.rcw7.68 Kb
ns_nancy.rcw8.77 Kb
ns_napo_b3.rcw7.18 Kb
ns_nothing.rcw8.55 Kb
ns_orbital.rcw8.91 Kb
ns_orbital_anslv2.rcw10.29 Kb
ns_origin.rcw11.94 Kb
ns_osmsiege.rcw5.74 Kb
ns_phobia.rcw6.73 Kb
ns_phobia_rc3.rcw5.92 Kb
ns_prometheus_b34.rcw5.07 Kb
ns_rampage.rcw6.89 Kb
ns_shiva.rcw12.97 Kb
ns_siege005_006c6.rcw4.71 Kb
ns_siege007.rcw6.38 Kb
ns_siege007_v2.rcw7.51 Kb
ns_siege2k4.rcw5.67 Kb
ns_siege2k5_gold.rcw4.03 Kb
ns_siege_frenzy.rcw5.20 Kb
ns_siege_rush.rcw5.61 Kb
ns_stargate-sg1-beta3.rcw5.65 Kb
ns_stargate_sg1_beta1.rcw3.95 Kb
ns_stormsiege.rcw6.65 Kb
ns_stormsiege_rc10.rcw6.43 Kb
ns_stormsiege_rc6.rcw6.16 Kb
ns_stormsiege_rc9.rcw6.43 Kb
ns_supersiege003.rcw4.75 Kb
ns_supersiege004a.rcw5.80 Kb
ns_takeback.rcw6.88 Kb
ns_tanith.rcw7.71 Kb
ns_thorstation.rcw7.58 Kb
ns_veil.rcw7.77 Kb
ns_vint004.rcw2.71 Kb
ns_warzone_b4.rcw3.02 Kb
ns_xtsiege_final.rcw3.86 Kb