These files are hosted from a 20Mb cable service so try not to download everything at once.

[TFC Maps] or [NS Maps]

Looking for new models, skins, sprites and sounds for Natural Selection?

Models page

Or for other sources, try JMC's TFC MAP ZONE for even more TFC maps.
Or try Number for NS maps and other content.

Is your version of Half-Life or mod from Half-Life out of date?

The following are for the Windows operating systems. English Only.

Still looking for the old Sven Co-op 3.0 full installer? Here you go. (127mb)

Looking for Sven Co-op 4.8 full installer? Here is the link.

svencoop48.exe (703mb)

Looking for Natural Selection 3.2 full installer? We have it now. (148mb)

Looking for the last known version of NeoTF? We have that too. (4.67mb)

If you want to run the Standalone Half-Life Dedicated Server, you'll need this tool.

Need something to keep HLDS up and running while your away? Check out (HLSM) Half-Life Server Monitor.


Here is a link to the latest Half-Life patch called STEAM.

Get Steam Now! (600kb)

Here is the full STEAM client installer.

Steam Client (Full Game Cache) (723.4mb)